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About Us

What We Do

House of Languages Academy (HoLA) is an eLearning platform that promotes languages. We teach foreign languages as well as African languages. Our mission is to provide efficient and excellent language learning platform with competent tutors on board. We aim to help students break language barriers.

  • Our value propositions

    • Easy access to learning facility.

    • Break language barriers.

    • Guide students who want to learn any foreign language to be more open to new opportunities.

    • Promote and teach African languages to Africans who lose their roots.

  • What We Offer

    • HoLA offers you an experience that you never have before.

    • You can learn with us wherever you find yourself on the globe. We do not impose any time; even if you missed a tutor’s live training, you can tune in at any time for the replay.

    • You can complete your course at your own pace. HoLA offers you a platform where you can practice anything you are learning with your peers.

    • Our tutors are also available at any time via any social media platform or email to answer your questions and assist you.

Our Founder

With a great experience in teaching languages, especially French, English and some African languages, HoLA founder Tayo Ketoura Legouda decided to create this platform in 2018, to serve students all over the world. Her passion always being sharing knowledge, empowering and leading others, she motivated her colleague tutors in different countries in the world to come on board as partners and make this platform global.

Tayo Ketoura Legouda participated in the World Young Forum 2018, and many business seminars at national and international events; she taught (and still teaching) classroom language courses, adults, kids and individuals worldwide. Willing to help more people achieve their goal, which is learning and speaking fluently a new language, she makes this platform affordable enough for students. House of Languages Academy will help you overcome any challenge you are facing in trying to speak a new language.

Learn language easily with House of Languages Academy.

At HoLA, we have free online courses available for any beginner in French and English language. Our courses are structured in a way that brings joy and passion to our students, for learning a new language. To get started, Get Started Here.